High Stakes


For this project we had to combine two different existing TV shows and create an opening title sequence for the mash up. My idea was to mix Game of Thrones with True Blood and this was the result.

The idea I had for this video was supposed to be about vampires living in a medieval setting, hiding by day and pulling the political strings by night, which is why there are no vampires shown in this sequence.  I wanted to give the impression that the day was coming to an end and the night was gradually approaching.  Of course during the day, vampires are no where to be seen, instead they wait, just like the crows are waiting for the wars to end so they can feed on the corpses left behind; the bats also wait to feed and gargoyles are rumoured to come to life during the night.  In a nutshell, I wanted to try and get across the idea that even though these vampires can't be present during the day, their presence is still felt in some way, I wanted to try and show this through pointy, sharp, fang like objects being subtly shown throughout.

From start to finish including ideation planning, story-boarding, animatic, digital painting the whole thing took about just over two months to complete and though there are many things I would like to improve on I'm happy with how it turned out.

This was the first time I have given digital painting a serious attempt, the paintings took about three weeks to complete and references were used for several of the shots.

Two steps from Hell - Unforgiven